IEIBS & ESE ( European School of Economics) has signed a strategic alliance to offer ESE one year MBA to Indian students who wish to avail a coveted BAC ( BRITISH Accreditation Council) approved MBA degree in India through IEIBS Akademia(Strategic partner of ESE).

Under this strategic alliance with ESE, all IEIBS full time MBA students will have an option to avail a dual degree. One Pune University approved 2 years full time MBA as well as One Year BAC approved MBA from ESE by studying in India itself.

All IEIBS MBA students will have the option to avail a 3 week immersion or an entire term or two in any of the ESE campuses across ( Florence, Rome, Milan –in Italy), London (UK), Madrid ( Spain),New York (USA) in addition to availing European IVs & European Internships. Students availing any of this option will of course have a choice to avail the coveted ESE-MBA degree.

In addition, any student who intends to study in Europe or USA/ Spain for his MBA in any of ESE campuses, he/she can choose avail this facility through IEIBS.

IEIBS mantra– ” Made In India MBA”–Be Local..GoGlobal..Think National “